Alex Dragulescu is a visual artist, designer and programmer working at the intersection of art and technology. His projects bridge multiple computational domains including information visualization, social media design and computer games, and involve data derived from social feeds, public databases, unwanted emails and video games.

His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions worldwide in San Diego, Boston, Madrid, Venice, Florence, Rome, Seoul, Sao Paolo, St Petersburg, Havana, Helsinki and Bucharest. He has a BS in Cinema and Photography from Ithaca College, a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from University of California, San Diego and a Masters of Science from MIT. He has been a researcher with the Sociable Media Group at the MIT Media Lab, the Experimental Game Lab and the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts at University of California, San Diego.

Currently, he works out of his studio in San Jose, California.

Write him at:

[email protected]